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A zZoomer outperforms any combustion engine scooter.. Their performance, consumption and efficiency are much higher due to the unique drive train technology:

  • Zero emission
  • Quiet
  • Time saving
  • Economical
  • Safety

It pays off.

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Our e-scooters

Delivery scooter

Our delivery zZoomer is equipped with the best transport box: it has no less than 150litre volume and is isolated with the best materials. It will keep all food hot as well as it will keep goods cooled, whatever you need. Of course we can supply tailor made boxes depending on your specific requirements.

Distribution / courier scooter

We build your zZoomer. Depending on volume we will adapt our zZoomer for your best performance. Our zZoomer can carry up to 180kg to your customers and can drive up to 120kms without recharging.

Personal scooter

Modern small electric mobility is the answer for the mobility of the future. The solution is a zZoomer: zero-emission scooters, no fossil fuels and no oil.

zZoomers are engineered to give you smooth handling. The frame has been designed for electric vehicles. It keeps the centre of gravity very low and offers the best possible manoeuvrability. It will guide you through traffic jams, save you time and money and offer you a lot of driving pleasure in all safety.

zZoomers have an unprecedented track record. For already more than 7 years they proof to be the most reliable and efficient electric scooter. Our scooters are equipped with the best possible brushless engines and the most reliable,powerful and light weight batteries. zZoomers are available in 25km/h or 45km/h. Even higher speed (up to 120km/h) scooters are available on request. Choose for zZoomer 'Comfort All-in' and you too will be able to experience the new kind of mobility: durable, reliable, smooth and easy.

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