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The new kind of mobility:
durable, reliable, smooth and easy.

Providing real answers on the challenges for the mobility of the future.

Our electrical solutions


Small E-cars and trikes

Future developments

We provide a solution for...


food, postal, e-commerce


last mile delivery, warehousing logistics


in collaboration with and in addition to existing leasing formulas


hotels, holiday parks, airports


commuting and internal use (between different locations)

Public sector

cities, universities

Sharing projects

cities, commuting


also for you as an individual we provide tailor-made solutions

Your benefit

Durable and ecological

With zZoomers you choose...
  • 100% durable solutions
  • contribution to the new mobility ecosystem
  • to stay mobile: exhaust limitations won't effect your mobility

Leasing formulas

  • tailor-made solutions
  • all inclusive formulas: insurance, tear and wear, special equipment, mileage, break-down service, mobility warranty, vest & helmet,....
  • fixed pricing: no surprises


  • no capital lock-up
  • saving money: no more fuel, more efficient energy use
  • fiscal benefits

Peace of mind

  • zZoomers are selected top quality vehicles that offer reliability, lown down-time, minimal service needs
  • stay mobile with our all inclusive formulas: break-down service, mobility warranty, replacement vehicle, pro-active servicing,...

State of the art IT solutions

  • web and app
  • fleet overview
  • financial reporting
  • track & trace
  • etc.

Image improvement

  • send out a message to your staff and customers
  • choose for durable mobility: create ecological awareness, reduce your carbon footprint

Fun to drive

  • electric vehicles are fun to drive: easy, smooth and silent
  • fast, easy and efficient charging, no dirty hands in filling up gas

Top quality products

In choosing for zZoomer you only get the best:
  • top quality vehicles (and equipment)
  • state of the art IT solutions
  • pro-active service handling
  • professional (co)branding
  • smooth financial transactions

Your savings with zZoomer

Your energy cost

10,000 km
15,000 km/year
25,000 km
Classic transport 900 /year
Electric transport 95 /year
You save 805 /year
Read the text alternative for the total annual savings with zZoomer infographic Total annual savings with zZoomer infographic with text description below

The total annual cost for classic tranport includes € 900 for gas and € 4015 for costs such as maintenance, write-off, wear, insurance. The total annual zZoomer cost includes € 95 for electricity and € 3453 for your zZoomer lease (incl. sign up, maintenance, replacement vehicle, insurance, (co-)branding, vest & helmet). In total you save € 1367 per year with zZoomer. This example was based on 15000 km per year.

Who's zZoomer? Meet the CEO!

Photo of Toon Donné
For many years Toon Donné has been active in the automotive or related business. He is a real passionate when it comes to driving. Living in the middle of a traffic nightmare, it is obvious to Toon that we all need to change our way of thinking when it comes to mobility. Exchanging ideas with a friend, another passionate for all kinds of vehicles, later showed to be the start of a new kind of mobility. zZoomer was given birth as an answer on the challenges for the mobility of the future. As passionates, they understand that durable mobility also needs to be profitable, accesible and fun.
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